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In Canada, these dog and cat breeds are the most well-liked

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    A new report says the non-designer mixed breed is the most popular dog breed in Canada, while the most popular cat breed is the domestic shorthair.

    Rover.com, an online marketplace for pet care, has unveiled its “2023 Most Popular Dog and Cat Breeds Report” detailing Canada's top dog and cat breeds, along with the breeds that are currently trending across the country.

    The platform has surveyed 500 Canadian pet owners to uncover insights into which factors impact decision-making when choosing a pet.

    According to the report, non-designer mixed breeds hold the title of the most popular dog breed in Canada, followed closely by the Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, Goldendoodle, and German Shepherd in terms of popularity.

    When it comes to year-over-year changes in popularity, the top trending dog breeds for 2023 are the Pomeranian, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Samoyed, Shiba Inu, and the Chihuahua, according to the report.

    As to the rarest dog breeds in Canada, the report identifies the Saluki, Barbet, Welsh Terrier, Japanese Spitz, and Miniature Bull Terrier as some of the least common breeds.

    “Whether they’re bringing home a designer, hybrid or mixed breed pet, pet parents tell us what they really want is a dog or cat who fits their family dynamic, Rover’s trends expert Kate Jaffe said in a news sent on Wednesday.

    “Pets are important members of our families and a lot of thought goes into choosing who to bring home. Many of the traits we most desire in a pet aren’t determined by their breed, but can be found and celebrated in dogs and cats of all kinds.”

    Here are the most popular dog breeds in Canada, according to Rover.com:

    1- Mixed

    2- Labrador Retriever

    3- Golden Retriever

    4- Goldendoodle

    5- German Shepherd Dog

    6- French Bulldog

    7- Labradoodle

    8- Cockapoo

    Here are the top trending dog breeds in 2023:

    1- Pomeranian

    2- Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    3- Samoyed

    4- Shiba Inu

    5- Chihuahua

    6- Pug

    7- West Highland White Terrier

    8- Bernedoole

    Here are the top four rarest dog breeds in Canada:

    1- Saluki

    2- Portuguese Podengo

    3- Welsh Springer Spaniel

    4- Belgian Shepherd (Groenendael)

    The report found that the specific breed of the dog was not an important factor in their decision when bringing a dog home. In fact, 81 per cent of respondents indicated that they would have still chosen to get a dog even if their top three breed preferences were unavailable.

    According to these pet owners, the primary consideration when selecting a dog is its suitability for family life, making family-friendliness the top factor influencing their choice of dog breed.

    When it comes to selecting a dog based on personality traits, the report highlights that friendly or social behavioral characteristics take the top spot, with 22 per cent of respondents valuing these traits the most.

    Following closely, 18 per cent look for dogs described as cuddly or affectionate, while a 18 per cent also said they prioritize intelligence in their dogs. Additionally, when considering energy levels, 13 per cent of respondents prefer dogs with low-energy levels, while another 13 per cent lean towards high-energy dogs.

    The report also found that 76 per cent of people consider their dog to be their "best friend," while 64 per cent of pet parents believe that they share similarities, both in terms of looks and personality, with their dogs. Even among those who didn't initially seek out a specific breed, "breed loyalty" is strong, as 90 per cent of pet parents express their willingness to choose a dog of the same type for their next furry companion.

     In contrast to dogs, the report suggests that when it comes to cats, the breed is less important, with only 35 per cent of cat parents considering it important. Interestingly, the colour of their cat's fur emerges as a more influential factor for 46 per cent of respondents when choosing a feline companion.

    In terms of personality traits, cat parents prioritize cuddliness, with 32 per cent looking for cats that are affectionate and enjoy snuggling. 22 per cent seek cats that are friendly or social, and 10 per cent value intelligence in their feline companions.

    The report suggests that 38 per cent of pet owners are unsure of their cat’s breed

    Here are the most popular cat breeds in Canada, according to Rover.com:

    1- Domestic Shorthair

    2- American Shorthair

    3- Domestic Longhair

    4- Ragdoll

    5- Siamese

    6- Bengal

    7- Maine Coon

    8- British Shorthair

    9- Persian

    Reporting for this story was paid for through The Afghan Journalists in Residence Project funded by Meta.


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